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Sex & Consequenses (2006) Last Sunset (2006)

cover Sex & Consequenses (2006) Last Sunset

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Land : USA

Speelduur : , 100 minuten

Genre(s) : Thriller

Regisseur : Michael Valverde

Acteurs : Joan Severance, Corbin Bernsen, Charles Van Eman, Steve Barnes, Jennifer Cudnik

Medium : DVD R/RW - #SOUND# - Engels

Verhaal (Plot) : "The fact that the cop in SEX & CONSEQUENCES (aka LAST SUNSET) is named ""John Wayne"" is only the first hint that something is terribly wrong with the producers of this flick. That name would be okay, perhaps, for a police satire along the lines of NAKED GUN, POLICE ACADEMY or RENO 9-1-1 however, S&C styles itself as an erotic thriller. Poor Joan Severance can offer only sex that makes you cringe here, and Rodney Scott is implausibly miscast as a tattooed 18-year-old weeks out of high school who unconvincingly gets invited into her bed.Police Sgt. John Wayne, the balding base of this love triangle, does nothing more exciting than to eat a donut before barging into a steakhouse with drawn gun and obliging his ditzy wife's suicide-by-cop death wish before spreading his own brains over strangers' T-bones. Besides a lame plot, wooden acting, insipid dialog, and a sunset framing device which is absent-mindedly buried by the exploitive name change, the only cast or crew member commendable is police technical adviser Sean Hanse, who got ""John Wayne's"" sunglasses spot on."

Opbergplaats : Box

Uitgeleend : Nee

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