Bram Stoker's Dracula : The facts (source :

Pinball Name Bram Stoker's Dracula
Production Date         April 1993
Manufacturer Williams
Model number 50001
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS) - WPC-Fliptronics 2                
Production 6.801 units (confirmed)
Serial number 50401-106.212 (production date: 03 May 1993)
Theme Fictional
Specialty Multi - Multiball (3 modes at once)
Design by Barry Ousler
Art by Mark Sprenger
More about the theme:
The theme Dracula is well known all over the world. But Bram Stoker's
version of the blood-thursty vampire is one with more depth into the
character and motivation of this former Romenian War-Lord.
The film (on witch this pin is based) shows Dracula (performed by Gary
Oldman) as a lonely old man who is betrayed and lost his wife in this
betrayal. He never got over this loss, hundreds years futher along he sees
a picture of Mina who looks exactly the same as his lost wife, so Dracula
is determined to make this woman his own.
Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
The theme is well represented with a coffin (where Dracula rests) you
must open this coffin to lock balls and obtain coffin-multiball. Also there
is the Dracula Castle where you also have to lock balls in obtaining the
Castle-Multiball. You have a third multiball in this pin, and perhaps the
most exaiting one the Mist-multiball, there is one ball crossing the
playfield (drawn by a magnet) and you have to shoot the moving ball
resulting in Mist-multiball.
BSD is a fast "flow" pinball, it has very smooth and swift ramps and
gorgeous blood-red DMD animation and breath-taking sounds. It's an
easy pin for newbies but very challenging for the more skilled players.
To rack some really great scores it is best to try and activate the three
multiballs the same time. First you lock two balls in the Castle then two
in the Coffin and light the Mistball insert light. Now the best shot is to
lock the third Castle-ball (Castle mulltiball running now) then shoot for
the third Coffin-lock (now Castle and Coffin multiball are both running)
next goal is activation of the Mistball. When you shoot this one everything
you score has a 3 times mutiplier active.
Also try to get the Rats and Bats scored early in the game and several
times in succession, these are bonusses given after every ball.
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