Creature from the Black Lagoon : The facts (source :

Pinball Name Creature from the Black Lagoon
Production Date         December 1992
Manufacturer Bally (Midway Mfg. Co. a subsidiary of Williams)
Model number 20018
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS) - WPC-Fliptronics 2
Production 7.841 units (confirmed)
Serial number 21318-024.632 (production date: 11 Feb 1993)
Theme Movie - Fictional - Licensed Theme
Toys In multiball there is a backlit hologram shown.
Design by John Trudeau
Art by Kevin O'Conn0r
More about mine machine:
Very good example, unfaded and undamaged cabinet.
No wear on the playfield:
The playfield is the "Hot Pink" version, The pink color is 'richer' on the hot
pink ones.
More about the theme:
This pinball machine is created after the 1954 movie with the same title.

The credited cast for this movie:
Richard Carlson .... David Reed
Julie Adams .... Kay Lawrence (as Julia Adams)
Richard Denning .... Mark Williams
Antonio Moreno .... Carl Maia
Nestor Paiva .... Lucas
Whit Bissell .... Dr. Thompson
Bernie Gozier .... Zee
Henry A. Escalante .... Chico (as Henry Escalante).

Plot of the movie:
A scientific expedition searching for fossils along the Amazon River discover
a prehistoric Gill-Man in the legendary Black Lagoon. The explorers capture
the mysterious creature, but it breaks free. The Gill-Man returns to kidnap
the lovely Kay, fiancée of one of the expedition, with whom it has fallen in love.

Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
Well this pinball machine is about two things, one of course the 3D film: The
Creature from the Black Lagoon, and two about Drive-In movie theatres.

You have to achieve some goals to rack up some good scores on this machine
You have to spell F-I-L-M to obtain multiball.
The F you can score by spelling K-I-S-S (you have to shoot the KISS-lane 5 times)
For the I you have to shoot 4 blue targets situated around the "snackbar".
The L is lit when you light the four laneguides.
For the M you have to shoot "the slide", a lane on the right side of the playfield,
just one time.
Every time you obtain a goal (lightning the letters) a hologram of the creature
is showed briefly.
When you have shot all for FILM letters, two flashers starts....euhhhh.....
flashing ;-). There you can lock the ball. When you obtain this goal three yellow
arrows light-up, indicating that the creature can be in one of those tunnels holding
the kidnapped girl. When you have rescued the girl you can shoot the snackbar
to grab the Jackpot. After this jackpot you can go for the Super-Jackpot.

The theme is very nicely adapted in this pin, you can see the main caracters in
the display animations, also the creature will reveal itself by a hologram situated
underneath the playfield, visabale through a "lagoon-window". One ramp only
opens up during multiball. When you shoot this ramp the ball slides a long way
down in a 'pond' where it swirlls to multiply the jackpots. Also some other
objectives are rewarded with animations and goals representing the Drive-In.
To mention some:
"Move Your Car"
"Peeping Tom" (video mode)

This game is very attractive because it has this "50-ish" feel all around.
Soundtracks from that era, the artwork resembles also that time-frame very
well (many pastel colors with figures on the plastics wearing petty-coats).
It is not a very hard pin to play so it's rewarding for new players and for the
"die-hard-pin-heads" it is possible to rack up some pretty big scores.

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