I would like to tell (and show) you something of my refound hobby.
During my teens-time, mid seventies, pinball machines could be found alot in "the wild" (arcades, cafetarias, bars etc.) And i played them constantly.
Here in The Netherlands the pinball machines have been driven off by video-games, and if you run into one you think "Hey look at this lonesome-fella....".

This is one of the main reasons i bought a pinball for myself in 1985. Well as matter of fact it was a gift by my wife for my birthday
(So for further reference....she actually started the madness !!)
The pin we are talking about is a SpeakEasy-4. When it arrived in our home we set it up in our living room, and we were playing it constantly together with the many friends who visited our home...you know we were young and loved playing the machine every spare minute.
In 1989 we bought ourselves a bigger house, and during the move we transported the pinball onto the attic, we were occupied with other things.......and the pin got forgotten.

After 13 years (!!), in 2002, my son (who was 7 years at the time) said to me, when we were on the attic, "Look dad a pinball-machine, can we play it, please...". The good dad that i am, i tried to start the machine but only lights and nothing more.....dead !!
What to do, i wanted the machine, who always worked like a breeze, back in working order again.
In my profession (IT) i know that everything (..i mean everything !!..) can be found on the internet. So i googled around a bit and found out quickly that there was a news-group called the
RGP (rec.games.pinball).
So i started lurking around and trying to pick up the places to snoop around for technical information. Everybody was constantly refering to
The Repair Pages on Marvin's site, so i took the plunge and started to read those repair-manuals, and boy was that a load of helpfull information. I swallowed the straight forward explanations and the SpeakEasy-4 was swiftly in working order again (battery corrosion and a dead K1-flipper-enable-relay).
I did not stop there because i wanted to restore the pin in it's original beauty (the restoration wel be on the site in time, in the SpeakEasy section).

We were flipping away and the "love" came back even stronger then it was ever before. So my wife and I started looking for a more recent pinball machine to play some 'recent' pin-fun. I've seen, and played, on location a Star Trek: The Next Generation and loved the tv-series and I loved the gameplay even more. So i went looking for one. Finally i found an exceptional descent one with a collector on the other side of the country, went there and bought it on the spot. Brought it home, and it already had become dark, so my wife said 'Put it in the living-room, just for the night" sounds familiar heh.....
Well after three months it still was ...... made the modifications (third bumper-cap, painted the aircrafts, ramp and hole protectors, re-rubbered and waxed the playfield) it plays like a dream and is beeing played constantly by us and the friends who come over. And the pinball-addiction is like a virus ... when people play, they relive their childhood and want a pin for their own. The addiction spreads along creating more pinball-fans.

For now i stop typing, I need my porting of playing pin right now !!