General Links :

Internet Pinball Database     Click Here  :   All the facts about every pinball
Pinball abreviations Click Here  :   WTF is a TLA?
Puzzled by the slang pinheads use?
Dutch Pinball Association
(Nederlandse Flipper
Click Here  :   Association where Dutch pinball adepts
use the forum and share there hobby.
Mr.Pinball Click Here  :   When you want to buy or sell pinball
related stuff for FREE. Mainly USA
Top 100 pinball rating Click Here  :   This site maintains a pretty accurate Top 100.
It tells you which machine is the most popular
at this moment.

 Technical websites :

PinballHQ, Marvin's site
maintained by Clay
Click Here  :   The "Bible" for every Coin-Op machine. When
you own complex machines it's a matter of
time when you have to fix some problems. This
is THE place to be.
Steve Kulpa's Gottlieb Page Click Here  :   When you need some specific Gottlieb guidance
Steve Kulpa's Bally Page Click Here  :   When you need some specific Bally guidance.
Pinball Dolly Click Here When you own pinball machines sometimes you
have to move them. When you want to save your
back buy yourself a dolly.
(or make one yourself)
Tuukka's tips and tricks to
tweak your pinball machine
Click Here How to silence your machine, how to
replace batteries with a Gold-Cap, etc

 Pinball (parts) Dealers :

Serious Pinball                         Click Here  :   Dutch pinball parts dealer, great service.      
Bay Area Amusement Click Here  :   American part supplier
Marco's specialities Click Here  :   American part supplier

 Pinball Modifications (Dealers) :

Cliffy's protectors                Click Here  :   Cliffy makes metal protectors to prevent
wear on your playfield. (Highly recommended)
Pin Gizmos Click Here  :   Some pretty neat modifications for your
pinball machine.
Tom Wible's Twilight Zone
Click Here  :   A very large collection for your Twilight Zone
ST:TNG ship mods Click Here Bob Frysztak makes some great ship mods

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