SpeakEasy-4 : The facts (source http://www.ipdb.org) :


Pinball Name SpeakEasy 4
Production Date         August 1982
Manufacturer Bally Manufactoring Corporation
Model number 1273
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS)
Production 1.000 units (confirmed)
Serial number 1.671
Theme Historical
Specialty Add-A-Ball
Design by George Christian
Art by Greg Freres
More about the theme:
During the prohibition  in America(1919 - 1933) it was illigal to sell liquor.
The production of alcoholic beverages was boot-legged and the selling was located
in obscure bars and theathres so called SpeakEasies. The entertainment scene also
found it's place in those Speakeasies.
Dancing-cabaret, roulette and card-playing mix well with the consumption of alcohol.

  Read some historie of the prohibition by Trevor Lamb

Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
The Pinball SpeakEasy-4 has this theme come to life in this typical setting.
The back-box shows a Big-Band in the back, a man in the front 'dandy-dressed' and
a woman hair and dress charleston-style looking. The roulette comes back in a
spinning-wheel wich gives bonus points, add- or subtract-balls.
Two card games in the form off shooting cards (flying targets)
10 - Jack - Queen - King - Ace in sequence add-a-ball and advances bonus multipliers.
The second card game you find in the upper part of the playfield. You have to pass
the lanes 5-6-7-8-9 in secuence to add-a-ball. Passing a Joker-lane four times
Photo's :

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