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Pinball Name Star Trek: The Next Generation
Production Date         November 1993
Manufacturer Williams
Model number 50023
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS) - WPC-DCS
Production 11.728 units (confirmed)
Serial number 51323-418-371 (production date: 17 jan 1994)
Theme Outer Space
Specialty Widebody - Superpin
Design by Steve Ritchie
Art by Greg Freres
More about the theme:
This is a so called 'licensed theme' pinball machine. The theme is about the second
series of the popular television program (first was with Captain Kirk....if you
know this you are getting old just like me ;-)
Star Trek: The Next Generation is about space exploration. The USS Enterprise
NCC-1701-D is the space ship that travels through space and tries to find new
worlds and populations. The ships captain is Jean-Luc Picard, assisted by
commander William T. Riker (Picard likes to call him "Number One"). Other crew
members are Lt.commander Data (a droid), Lt.commander Worf (a klingon),
Lt.commander Geordi LaForge (with the horizontal Visor), Lt.commander Deanna
Troi(the ships counselor), Lt.commander Beverly Crusher(the ships doctor).
All these caracters can be found on the translite or in the sound clips.
Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
The Pinball Star Trek: The Next Generation features the speech of the original
cast and is done in DCS. This means the sounds, speech and music is in a
superb quality. The translite shows most of the main caracters from the series.
On the playfield you find a Borg-ship (the fierce adversory who assimulate all
defeated oponents). A klingon 'Bird of prey', a Romulan fight ship and a shuttle
on which the crew of the enterprise make "away search parties".
The goal in this pinball machine is to complete 7 missions and to finally complete
the last mission (the 8th)"The Final Frontier" a 6-ball multiball. The divers
missions are all space related:

1 Battle Simulation: cool mission where you shoot both cannons in succession to
gain an crystal or sphere

2 Search the Galaxy: shoot three designated ramps to complete the mission.

3. Worm Hole: shoot the very difficult left ramp to complete

4 Time Rift : Shoot all lighted ramps and targets to obtain 10 million points a
shot. Shoot the two Time-Rift targets to increase shooting time.

5 Asteroid Threat: Shoot the center hole under the Borg-ship to destroy the
asteroid. All other shots will be rewarded the same amount of points as the
amount shot with the first one.

6 Rescue : Save a minimum of 25 people to be rewarded with a crystal or sphere.

7 Q challenge : inserts will be lit at random, shooting them increase points. First
shot is 10 million, second 20 million and so on.

8 Final Frontier : If you complete the 7 previous missions and shoot the central
hole you get the Wizard mode. When you have gained 4 crystals or spheres, one
billion points are added to your total. This mode will give you the BIG points.

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