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Pinball Name Twilight Zone
Production Date         April 1993
Manufacturer Bally (Midway Mfg. Co. a subsidiary of Williams)
Model number 50020
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS) - WPC-Fliptronics 2
Production 15.235 units (confirmed)
Serial number 51020-139.101 (production date: 14 May 1993)
Theme Adventure - Supernatural - Licensed Theme
Specialty Widebody - Superpin
Main playfield magnets that catch ball and direct it back
(like Magna-Save, but not under player control).
Only game with the "Powerball", a ceramic pinball about
20% lighter than a steel pinball -- much faster, and not
affected by the game's magnets.
Unusual auto-plunger/manual-plunger arrangement.
Five possible multiball modes:
"Powerball Mania", 3-ball;
"Fast Lock", 3-ball;
"Lost in the Zone", 6-ball;
"Regular Multiball", 3-ball sequential release, without 3rd magnet;
"Regular Multiball", 3-ball simultaneous release, with 3rd magnet.
Toys Mini playfield that uses magnets for flipper-like action;
Real working gumball machine on playfield that dispenses pinballs;
Working analog clock; tells time in attract mode,
times most modes during game play.
Design by Pat Lawlor
Art by John Youssi
More about mine machine:
Sample game, rumour says there were 300 sample games produced.
Occurances of sample specifics:
Green Lock
White Clock
Posts with rubbers in the Town Square
Translite has cut-out stars (not many people have reported this feature...)

More about the theme:
This pinball machine is voted by many pinball sites as THE numer 1 pin.
This is a so called 'licensed theme' pinball machine. The theme is about the popular
television program. Many episodes of the show are represented on the playfield
and on the translite. Many modes and goals to achieve are directly;-)
Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
Twilight Zone is filled with modes and toys directly comming out of the TV show. There
is Tina, the robot, the piano, the rocket, the hitch-hiker, the camera, the slot-machine etc.
All the modes can be in play simultanously, and most of them guided by the ticking clock.
It's a stop-and-go type of pin.
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