White Water : The facts (source http://www.ipdb.org) :

Pinball Name White Water, WW or WH2O
Production Date         January 1993
Manufacturer Williams
Model number 50018
Type Model Solid State Electronics (SS)
Production 7.008 units (confirmed)
Serial number 507.1.880.4920
Theme Rafting, Water Sports, Myth and Legend
Specialty Interactive BigFoot figure that needs to be distracted
in order to let the ball come into his cave.
Bigfoot turns and spins head for certain shots.
Design by Dennis Nordman
Art by John Youssi
More about the theme:
White water is all about rafting. So the white and blue-ish tones are mostly
used in the cabinet and playfield. In the upper halve of the playfield I put
blue light condoms over the GI and replaced the red flasher domes with blue
ones to stick more with the main colors used in this pin. Absolutly gorgeous !
Rafting is all about going down, with a raft, a river avoiding many hazards.
Adaptation of the theme in the Pinball Machine:
The adaptation of rafting is greatly done in providing many ramps in the pin.
The hazard lights guides you in where to aim for in completing the goals in the
game. When your raft (the ball) is shot over the hazard-lights you progress
to new tasks involving more hazards to be shot. When you finish 16 hazard
lights you reach Wet Willy's. Every hazard light is lit and shooting them
rewards you with 10 million points each, after this stage you get a travelling
 hazard light, shooting this rewards 100 million points.
If you reached class 6 river in a game together with Wet Willy's, 6 boulder
garden awards AND you lock the third ball you get to the vacation jackpot.
Reaching this is a real challenge, but what happens then is really worth the
hard effort to go for this. Your pin is going CRAZY !

Women are immediatly attrackted to White Water, I think it's the bright
theme and blue colors together with the happy sounds produced by the pin.
It's certainly not because it's an easy pin, far from it, it's a quite difficult
players machine and very difficult to master.

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